Founded in 2002, our company is a provider of custom software development having a team of highly talented professionals. We develop solutions for companies in Telecom, Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services.

We apply Software Development Life Cycle. So, once you start a project with us, the next steps are very straightforward and simple. We use the following steps are followed in software development.

Defining the project scope
After submission of the Request for Quote, a team is gathered to analyze the requirements and form scope documents. The team prepares the specifications, detailed plans, delivery dates and cost estimates.
The team develops Technical Design Documents, Project Plans and Test Plans. A software prototype is built in order to stimulate the future application and get customer feedback. The team then performs development testing and forms a user guide.
Here the software solution goes through a full cycle of testing and bug fixing in order to make sure that software is running smoothly.
Project delivery
The project is delivered to the customer along with the documentations, user manual, installation and maintenance instructions, source code and warranty. Maintenance and support services are also provided to improve the application.
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